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The client’s website was originally built using a custom theme that was no longer supported by the original developer. This meant the site was unable to be updated or upgraded with new features without breaking the existing site. Frustrated with the lack of support and inability to add new functionality, the client decided to switch to our web development services for a clean makeover of their website.

We rebuilt their site using a basic theme and plugins, which provides more flexibility for future growth. If the client ever decides to maintain the site themselves or switch developers again, this will allow for a much smoother transition. By rebuilding on a common platform, we have given them a website that can easily be updated, customized, and transferred between developers as needed. Overall, our use of standardized themes and plugins provides a more sustainable, adaptable website that meets their business needs both now and in the future.


The client had a distinct visual style and design aesthetic for their brand. Their color palette consisted of muted earth tones like tan, light brown, and soft orange which conveyed a sense of warmth and approachability. For typography, they favored clean sans-serif fonts like Helvetica in all-lowercase letters to communicate simplicity and modernity.

Imagery was an important part of their brand language as well. Photos featured on their website and marketing materials prioritized lifestyle shots of people active outdoors and conceptual graphics representing their services. This aligned with their brand message of accessible, human-centered experiences.

The previous website design incorporated all of these branding elements like color, font, and imagery cohesively. Our new site refresh maintains this existing design language through a clean, modern layout that seamlessly integrates their logo, natural color scheme, simplified typography, and branded graphics. Keeping these critical visual components consistent provides continuity for their audience while still allowing for an updated look and feel. Overall, our redesign respects the equity built in the client’s distinct visual identity while evolving it for the future.